Prayer and Cursillo

Cursillo people are, by their very nature, prayerful people and of course one of the principle tenets of the Cursillo method is prayer. We know, from scripture and from experience, that the prayers of the faithful are effective and answered.

It should come as no surprise therefore that Norwich Cursillo offers, along with many other Cursillos, a closed Facebook page specifically for prayer requests.

The idea of a closed page may be a problem for some, we should after all be open and welcoming to all. There are however certain circumstances when a degree of privacy is necessary. Prayers are often asked for very personal reasons, either for ourselves, our family or friends. A closed community on social media has been shown to be an effective means of making known and responding to particular spiritual needs.

To join the closed Facebook prayer community, it is initially necessary to get in touch with Pat Rout who administers the page and who will be only too pleased to make the requisite arrangements. Please note that membership is limited to members of the Cursillo 4th Day community. Pat can be contacted via e-mail or on the ‘phone at (01953) 454400