National Ultreya Norwich 2021

As TVyou know BACC hold a National Ultreya every year to celebrate all that Cursillo means and gives Cursillistas an opportunity to gather together for mutual support and fellowship.

These events are held on the first Saturday in September and are hosted by one of the active Diocesan Cursillo’s. The events are made up of Group Reunions, singing and a Eucharist service. Evening events are normally held with an opportunity to share friendships and network with those from other diocese who share in the common mission of Cursillo.

For those of us who have been to a “National” it has become a “must do” event every year.

NorwichAnglican Cursillo is to host the National Ultreya in 2021. The British Anglican Cursillo Council (BACC) have put us on the list and we have pledged to host the event on Saturday 4th September 2021.

This is a big event of national importance and will involve a considerable commitment both of time and talents as well as prayer as we prepare for our day on the National Stage.

Although 2021 seems a long way away, some aspects of the preparation need attention now and so your Secretariat is already active on this momentous project.

Look out for further news as it develops. We are of course looking forward to getting to grips with the organisation of this event and to working with BACC and Regional representatives as well as Cursillistas from neighbouring diocese. We will of course be ready to accept help from among our members who we are sure will throw in their lot to ensure Norwich can welcome Cursillistas from around the UK (and possibly elsewhere) for a memorable weekend in East Anglia.

Take the opportunity to visit a “National” and get inspired to make Norwich National 2021 a day to remember.

Want to go to the next National Ultreya – 2017 ?

Have you always wanted to go to the “National” but have been put off by the travelling?

Or you just don’t know what to expect and are worried you might be asked to do something?

I can appreciate that if the National Ultreya is in some far flung corner of the country such as Carlisle (do border raiders still carry off infants?) or involves an overnight stay and changes of trains or a challenging drive into hitherto unknown territory then perhaps our reluctance overcomes our initial enthusiasm.

Perhaps we don’t know what a National Ultreya is and so think that it isn’t for the likes of us. Is it relevant to our work in the parishes here in Norfolk? Is it only for the likes of BACC Reps and the LD? Will it be all committee reports and dry accounts to sit through?

The answer to these questions is: NO, it isn’t just for BACC Reps & LDs, nor is it a boring business meeting. In fact it is anything but boring. Its an inspiring day where Cursillistas from all over the country (and often from abroad too) meet together for fellowship, worship and Group Reunion. If you want to know more, ask Peter Bates, our LD, who has recently been to the 2016 National Ultreya at York.

In fact Peter was so impressed that he has persuaded the Secretariat to approve the hiring of a minibus to take up to 16 of us to the 2017 National Ultreya at Southwell in Nottinghamshire. The date to put in your diary is Saturday September 2nd 2017

Although we don’t yet know the full details of the programme for the day, we just know it will be a splendid day out not to be missed. We await details from Southwell Cursillo which we expect to be published on the BACC website as soon as finalised.

We have hired an executive Minibus from Feline Travels at Yarmouth. The intention is that the bus will start from their Yarmouth depot and pick up at say 4 points on the way. (Beccles, Norwich, Watton and Lynn have been suggested) We aim to arrive at Southwell for registration at about 9 to 9-30am so pick ups will be quite early, we will take the advice of Feline Travel as to timings nearer the time. After a splendid day out we will depart to return to Norfolk at say 5pm and drop off at the same points as in the morning.

Lunch may be taken at one of the cafes close to Southwell Minster or alternatively take a packed lunch. We are sure tea and coffee will be available during the day.

We expect the cost to be about £25 each if we can fill the bus. As on previous occasions pre-registration for this event may well be necessary but advice about this will be available at the time.

Bookings are being taken for this event on a first come, first served basis along with a £10 deposit by application to Bill & Pat Rout (01953) 454400.

Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of the National Ultreya at Southwell. Give Bill or Pat a ring to secure your place. Go on! You know you can’t resist!

Bill Rout BACC Representative