NAC 4th Day Community supports Ukraine Refugees.

The NAC Secretariat meeting held yesterday was held at “The Crown at Banningham” which is home to our BACC Area Rep, Jeanie Feneron. Jeanie’s family, particularly her son, Simon, have headed up a local initiative to collect and deliver food, clothing and medical supplies to the areas of Poland and Romania bordering on Ukraine where vast numbers of refugees fleeing from the war are congregating. These people have left homes and lives in a great hurry and are only able to bring with them the bare minimum of possessions, just what they are able to carry in a small bag or suitcase.

Local people and charities here in Norfolk have rallied round and the second journey of the Banningham convoy will be leaving for the continent shortly. It is expected that some 20 transit vans carrying up to 30 tons of goods along with their drivers and mates will make their way to Berlin and then on to Poland and Romania with the sorely needed supplies. This will be the second convoy that Simon has arranged, His original plan was to load a single van and drive to Poland. Local donations were such however that their first delivery needed 8 vans! Donations have continued to pour in and so another convoy will be on its way on Sunday.

Vans being readied for the journey to Eastern Europe yesterday at The Crown, Banningham

Donations being packed ready for the journey to Eastern Europe.

The staff at the Crown have also joined in the efforts to deliver the donated goods to refugees and one of the waitresses at the pub has donated a rather splendid painting to the cause. It will be auctioned to raise money for the convoy.

More about this splendid effort to deliver relief to those in need can be found on the Banningham Crown webpage:

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