We are back! Oh, and don’t forget the ULTREYA tomorrow.

Yes, we have returned to cyberspace once again. Sad to relate, the trusty computer which is our link to the world wide web “threw a wobbly” and we went “off air” some 10 days ago. Initial ministrations by our skilful and resourceful IT man in the background were only partially successful and so a further dose of treatment was indicated, which, we are pleased to say has, so far been satisfactory. The pagans amongst us are keeping their fingers crossed that all will continue well. We trust in our Lord’s goodness for the continued health of the computer and thank Him (and them) for their concern for its well-being.

We are back on the airwaves so to speak, just in time to remind all our members and friends, that NAC will be holding an ULTREYA tomorrow at St Marys church, Middleton (PE32 1RD). We will be there from 12-30pm for a bring and share lunch and the ULTREYA proper will commence at 1-30-ish, We aim to finish about 4pm. We are of course looking forward to seeing you there to join us for what promises to be a joyful reunion after the Covid lockdowns.

Prayer for Today will be back next week, David and Helen are in the thick of the lambing season at the moment so there may be intermittent interruptions to the flow of prayers.


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