Moving on…..

Steve Wright

At our virtual Ultreya last Saturday morning, Steve Wright our Spiritual Director, announced that he and his wife, Jo, will be moving to take up a new post at the parish church at Haltwhistle in Northumberland. Steve and Jo will be leaving Norfolk in early March and Steve tells us that he will be licenced into his new parish on March 31st. We were pleased to hear that Steve has invited members of the NAC 4th Day Community to his licencing service and will keep in touch with us once he and Jo have moved “up north” and we are sure that members of our 4th day Community will join the Secretariat in being sorry to see him go. Steve had many exiting visions for Cursillo in Norfolk and will leave a big hole in our community.

We wish Steve and Jo our best wishes for every success in their ministry in Northumberland. May they go well and keep safe and warm (it is the “frozen north” after all!). We offer Steve too, our condolences as he mourns the death of his mother whose funeral it was last Friday.

We will of course be sad to see Steve go, but we are sure that both he and Jo will become a blessing to the people of Haltwhistle as they take up a new challenge. Steve tells us that he has the date of the 2022 National Ultreya in London in his diary and so we look forward to seeing him there.

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