Diocesan Ultreya at Mattishall and News from Secretariat

Members of the Norwich Cursillo 4th Day Community gathered at All Saints Church in Mattishall last Saturday for an Ultreya. All the elements of an Ultreya were included during the formal part of the event and members enjoyed their packed lunches on arrival. We were pleased to have the help of one of our member, Jackie, who is also a member of the All Saints congregation, to help us out with the teas and coffees. We were however disappointed to hear that Linda (also a member of All Saints congregation) was unwell so wasn’t able to join us.

We were able to sing accompanied by music from Jane and Nick Moore who arranged words to well-known tunes and taught us some new ones too. We are very blessed to have such talent in our midst so our grateful thanks to Jane and Nick for their efforts. What would we do without them!

Following Group Reunions, Andy Johnson gave an enlightening and informative witness talk describing both his and Janes active life in looking after their granddaughter and a young man they met who needs help. We will continue to pray for Andy and Jane as they go forward in Gods love. In the absence of our SD, Steve, who was enjoying a well earned holiday, Revd Phil Charlesworth gave the spiritual response to Andy’s talk.

Group prayers were led by Bill Rout and were followed by an update on NAC activities led by Lay Director, Barbara Harrold. Highlights include:

Roger Harrold, our Treasurer reported that the finances were in a healthy state particularly following the generous donations that had been received over the last 2 years towards the expected costs of hosting Ultreya GB 2021. Steve Wright, our SD, has recently attended a CLW and, after his holiday, will be speaking to the Secretariat about the present thinking surrounding the Cursillo Movement and its role in the wider church. A provisional booking for a Cursillo “Weekend” is in place for late April 2022. (Details will be found in the Calendar section of this website). Updates will be issued as they become known. Andy Johnson has held the position of Secretary for a considerable number of years now and will be retiring in the near future. Any member of our 4th day Community is welcome to stand for this position and those interested are asked to contact LD, Barbara Harrold (01953 883394 who will explain more about the work involved. Barbara Harrold reminded those who were in attendance as well as all members of the 4th Day Community that her 3 year term of office as LD will be coming to an end shortly and so NAC will be actively seeking a new LD. Again Barbara is the person to get in touch with and we ask for prayers that someone will be inspired to lead NAC forward for the next 3 years. In both these instances a hand over period before “taking the reins” could be arranged.

BACC Rep Bill Rout reported that Cursillos were beginning to hold “Weekends” again and that David Riley was active in sending wall palanca to those events that were notified on the BACC website. Regrettably none of our delegates will be able to attend the BACC Full Council meeting in mid November. Apologies have been sent of course but if anyone would like to visit Shepshed as our representative, please get in touch with Barbara. Jeanie Feneron, Eastern Area Rep and a member of our 4th Day Community, will be attending for the Standing Committee on the previous day and will be staying on for the Full Council meeting on Saturday 13th November so you’ll not be alone.

Lastly it was emphasised that each of us should log on to the website regularly to keep up to date on developments and our web editor will endeavour to restart the daily “Prayer for Today” as well as any other items of interest to our readers. We emphasise that any members of our community can submit items for publication on the website and that submissions can be sent to Bill Rout. Please ring Bill on (01953) 454400 for details of how to send your “gem” ready for publication. Photographs are also welcome and again Bill will be able to advise the most effective method to use.

All in all, a fruitful day and so we continue to say ULTREYA! as we go forward into our wider communities to witness to our Love of God.

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