Ultreya GB2021 in pictures, concluded.

Following the lunch break either in the cathedral and ably provided by the NAC catering team led by Jenny Ferns, or for the more adventurous, a jaunt into the city, it was time to form up for the Walk of Witness. These have been a feature of the “National” for many years and regular attendees to these events will recall occasions when the weather was unkind (Carlisle in the pouring rain, the torrential downpour just before the start of Chester). This year we were blessed with a fine afternoon and participants assembled in the Cathedral Close for the walk to the South Transept door.

Billy Hollis BACC banner beare,r and National President, Beth Roberts who will lead the procession. Peter Bates (“‘e put us up to it guv!”) with NAC banner, form up ready for the walk.
Members of the NAC 4th Day Community who will be following our banner
Colourful Christians gather for the parade
The banners paused alongside the cloister wall until the cathedral staff were ready

When all was ready for the Clausura service, the banners, led by the head verger, paraded into the cathedral. We don’t have any pictures during the service but it was soon time to follow the BACC and London and Southwark banners out into the sunshine again.

Banner bearers pictured in the sunshine
By long standing tradition, the host’s banner is last!

And then it was all over and everyone went home! What a relief that , despite all the changes that we had to make because of the pandemic, we were able to host this special event.

Let us pray for our fellow 4th Day Community members in London and Southwark as they prepare for Ultreya GB 2022 and we look forward to joining them at St Pauls Cathedral for the walk of witness across the river to Southwark.

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