Ultreya GB 2021 in pictures

As things return to “normal” here at Cursillo Central we are beginning to receive pictures taken at Ultreya GB and so it is our intention to publish some of them to give a flavour of the event as seen through the eyes of those who were there. We expect more pictures to come in and we know that Tim, the “official” photographer for BACC was in attendance and took many more and which we expect to appear on the BACC website in due course.

Although the public part of Ultreya GB takes place on the Saturday, the BACC Standing Committee meet on the afternoon on the previous day and so the host diocese arrange for this meeting to be held in the vicinity of the Ultreya. We are pleased to say that members of the Standing Committee generously offer their expertise and help with setting up the event for the following day.

NAC Welcoming and preparation team await members of the BACC Standing Committee. Friday 3rd September
BACC Standing Committee in session during Friday afternoon

In a long standing tradition within the Cursillo 4th Day Community, the host diocese also provide some form of hospitality for the guests during the weekend. Norwich was no exception and NAC arranged for a supper and entertainment for a substantial number on the Friday evening. This was in no small measure thanks to efforts by the catering team under the direction of Jenny Ferns who prepared a splendid spread and which was most appreciated by our guests.

Welcomers for the evening entertainment at the entrance to the Cathedral
Guests arriving for the evening entertainment
Dierdre Davis, LD of London Cursillo (and next year’s host) arrives at the Cathedral
Welcoming drinks
Guests enjoying supper
Followed by entertainment courtesy of Jane and Nick

To be continued……….

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