Prayer for Today.

Monday  4th October 2021

The world is waking up

on this new day,

the stars and moon

are disappearing from view,

the sun is coming up and we say hello to you in our prayers.

We ask for your forgiveness,

for many things we have

thought and done.

We thank you for the gifts

you have given us,

whatever they might be.

You ask us to serve you daily

and all those that we may meet.

The tasks that you have give us,

you hold our hands and lead us on.

We venture off

to another day of work,

we come home to rest and sleep.

Then we wake once more

for yet another new day.

Thank you, Lord.


We’re back! After an extended holiday and a time when we had an opportunity to attend to family matters, NAC will be back “on the air” again with increasing frequency. We hope too to be able to introduce some additional features which will help us to recover from lockdown and to look again at our Cursillo commitment to Prayer, Study and Action. Ed.

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