Ultreya GB 2021 programme announced.

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Norwich Anglican Cursillo have announced the programme for Ultreya GB 2021 which has been finalised after extensive revisions in light of the circumstances in which we find ourselves. Herewith an (admittedly incredibly average) image of the programme which has been taken from the order of service booklet and which is with the printers as we speak.

The NAC team are presently hard at work completing the many arrangements that are necessary to ensure that this event goes according to plan and that we can present a prayerful and worthy experience for our guests, some of whom will be venturing out to a Cursillo gathering for the first time since the pandemic broke out in the UK in March 2020. Discussions and practical preparations are continuing with Cathedral staff, BACC and with each other on such diverse but vital subjects as disabled car parking, reception arrangements, catering and how we are able to arrange the Banner Parade. Those who have already booked a place at UGB 2021 will be welcomed in the South Transept. (Don’t worry! stewards will be on hand to guide you.) Our earlier plan to have the Banner Parade enter the Cathedral by the Great West Door has had to be modified due to Dippy the Dinosaur being exhibited in the Nave and so preparations are in hand to hold the parade around the eastern end of the Cathedral. We have received over 80 bookings so far from 20+ diocese and expect more before the bookings close on 28th of August. Our preparation team have asked that all visitors bring their tickets with them. The Cathedral is particularly busy at the moment with visitors to the Dippy exhibition taking the opportunity for a visit whilst “staycationing” in Norfolk and numbers are expected to continue throughout the school holidays. Much work still remains to be done and so our 4th Day Community continue to pray for all those involved with the preparations in whatever role they have taken on. ULTREYA!

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