Ultreya GB 2021, the final furlong.

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Monday 26th July saw members of the Norwich Anglican Cursillo Ultreya GB 2021 team meeting with senior members of the Cathedral staff as the final touches were agreed to ensure that this event goes ahead smoothly. As well as discussions around the details of our proposed programme the attendees were able to walk around the route of the banner parade and examine in detail the facilities available to us as the day unfolds. We are pleased to say that everyone on the team left for home with a better understanding of their responsibilities as well as greater clarity of their particular role in delivering a joyful and meaningful event for our guests. From our original plan, which was formulated following the “National” at York in 2016, many changes have taken place, not least because of the recent pandemic and which are still with us. We have become increasingly aware that the Holy Spirit has been with us and our prayers have been answered in quite surprising and unexpected ways. If we had to pinpoint one thing, it is that we have been, and continue to be, in our Lord’s hands throughout our journey and we can honestly say that He has been good to us the whole time. Ultreya GB 2021 will be what it will be, a unique response to the realities that we find in our world today. We offer ourselves as servants to the wider Cursillo 4th day Community and so make our offering to them in the certain knowledge that our Lord will speak to each of them in the way that He desires.

Much work still needs to be done of course and we continue to pray for those who are working hard to complete arrangements with our volunteers and the cathedral staff. ULTREYA!

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