Don’t forget to Book!

At our Ultreya last Saturday, a number of people asked us whether members of our 4th Day Community here in Norwich need to book for Ultreya GB 2021 at Norwich Cathedral on September 4th.

The answer is a very definite “YES”

We will need to keep precise records of attendees at this event for several reasons. The goody bag preparation team need to know how many bags to fill, we will need to advise the cathedral team of numbers for communion and, of course in these Covid times, we will need to know who has been with us in case of an infection. (The Lord forbid that such should come to pass!) All this information will be of importance to the registration team who will be on duty to welcome our guests as they arrive. So, please make sure YOU book your place as soon as you know that you will be joining us.

Secretariat also stress that the necessity to book also refers to those who will be staffing on the day.

Booking are being handled through the BACC website but by the effortless intricacies for the world wide web, clicking on the link below will take you to the necessary page.

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