Easter Egg Painting Competition.

Cross against a blue sky

During our recent Zoom Ultreya, our Lay Director, Barbara Harrold announced that Norwich Cursillo would be holding an Easter egg painting competition. Barbara has e-mailed everyone on our e-mail list with details of how to enter the competition. If you are not on the e-mail list and wish to take part then please let either Bill (01953) 454400 or Barbara (01953) 883394 know and we can arrange to send details to you.

For those of us who will be entering and wish their work to be displayed on the website, can we please ask that you send your artwork as a photograph in the jpeg format if at all possible. By doing so it makes it so much easier to load onto the webpage. We can make arrangements to have photographs taken of paper entries if required.

Illustration of the prize for the best effort in the competition.

Barbara has clarified her instructions for the competition: ” You can make your painting anything to so with Easter: bunnies, eggs or faith, all will be given equal consideration. Any medium or size painting. A simple picture, or a picture of an egg that you have made, cooked, sculpted or painted.”

We look forward to seeing your entries and that the judges have a hard task selecting the winner. Ed.

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