Finding God through art

During our Zoom Ultreya last week, two of our members, Jane Minchin and Jane Moore, discovered that they had a mutual interest in artwork as a means of becoming “on speaking terms with God”. In particular they had both been inspired by computer artwork programmes which enabled them to create finger paintings and also with on-line art retreats. They were both inspired by creating artwork which prompted prayer and hence led on to Study and Action.

In conversation with Jane Minchin I was surprised to learn that creating a “finger painting” can be as simple as opening a programme entitled Paint 3D which is a feature of many Microsoft Windows equipped computers (a similar programme is available on Apple computers too). In a spirit of exploration, your editor tried Paint 3D out, and, yes, it does just that. It just needs that application of your own artistic talent to produce some stunning artwork (or in my case a series of splodges and squiggles!).

For those who have progressed with artwork beyond my limited efforts, Jane Moore has explored the internet and found the following to be very satisfying for the more advanced practitioner as a means to connect with God through artwork. Jane has sent us this piece written by Revd Jessica Aidley who is attached to the Brighton churches in the Diocese of Chichester.

Conversation With God beyond Words … Walking on Water. Prayer Painting Retreat. For those of you who might feel nervous about the word ‘painting’, I just want to reassure you that this retreat is not about painting pictures, and that everything you would do would just be between you and God … no-one else would see what you do. Here is a prayer painting …


The introductory day will be on Saturday 13th March, and the retreat itself will run daily from Monday 15th to Saturday 20th inclusive. 
Each day will consist of a live Zoom session at 10am and 2pm GMT, plus night prayer at 5pm for those who would like it. After each Zoom session you can watch a demonstration of the meditation for the session on YouTube, before doing the meditation for yourself.
Please email me on if you would like to join in. There is no charge for the retreat, but you would need to collect together the materials needed beforehand.
Meanwhile, I wish for you many Lent blessings, (Rev’d Jessica Aidley. Shoreham-by-sea)

If you would like to take part in this course, please get in touch with Revd. Jessica who will be only too pleased to give you full details.( Please mention Norwich Cursillo when you make contact.)

Go Well, Keep Safe. Ultreya!

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