Norwich Anglican Cursillo prays for the New Year

As we enter the New Year, our thoughts turn to the challenges and events that we faced during 2020. We recognise too that we will continue to be challenged during this coming year. We continue our journey however with Hope and confidence that with Our Lord walking beside us we will be able to overcome whatever we may face. Our Lay Director, Barbara Harrold leads us in prayer at this time:

Father forgive us as we struggle to practice loving everyone as if they were the messiah. Forgive us for being blind to the poor, misunderstand those who are born different and polluting your world with our need for things we do not require. Father bring your shining light of love and peace to our world, surrounding those who suffer in any way, but especially from Covid19 and all carers, with your healing presence. Heal the differences between Countries and help all world leaders to seek peace as a way forward, not war. Bring peace and rest to all our clergy and church leaders at this time of stress and change. Comfort those who mourn, and welcome home all who travel to you at this time Lord. We say an extra special prayer for all who do not know God and have no home to look forwards too. Father take care of your Cursillo family this New Year and may your light shine in their lives and through their eyes for all to see and marvel at so they too want to get to know you. Thank you, Lord, for bringing us all safely through 2020 and Your Peace, Lord for 2021.  Amen


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