A Seasonal message from our Lay Director:

Happy Christmas to one and all

Dear Lord on Christmas day, we welcome the new born child, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
We open our eyes to see the mystery of faith and we claim the promise of God becoming one with us.
We remember that Jesus came among us and gave his life to save us from sin.
Lord, help us to share the love of God with everyone we encounter, to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and stand against injustice and oppression.
We pray for the ending of war and for peace in the world.                                                                                    We remember all those separated from their families because of Covid19, work, or travel restrictions, give all, peace in their hearts for this is a very family orientated time and separation is greatly felt.                                                                                                                                                           We give thanks for our health service and all who serve in the caring sector, from cleaners to surgeons. We ask you give them the strength to overcome the pressures this virus places on everyone.                                                                                                                                                            We thank you for our family and friends, and for the many blessings, we have received. We offer prayers for our Cursillo family. Lord keep them safe and well until we can meet again and together praise you name.
We rejoice today with the best gifts of hope, peace, joy, and the love of God in Jesus Christ. Amen

Dear All

This year may not have been as we would have liked or desired but if we are able to moan and grumble then we have survived the virus, and we praise the Lord for that.

I can say I’ve been there, got the tee shirt and moved on but sadly I know many have not and families who will never be the same as they could not support their loved ones at the end of time. These are the ones we should hold in our hearts and prayers as they blame everyone and everything for their sadness and distress.

During this year we learned new words, like zoom and how to unlock our voices, voted by shaking a hand and how to position a screen so people are not looking up your nose. O! the joys of the electronic year, let’s hope we can soon meet, greet and hug one another without being behind a mask.

In 2019 we set about organising a grand weekend event for 2021. In 2020 we altered, reduced, changed, and cancelled each and every booking until we had a very slimmed down Day. No march through the city, just around the Cathedral close. No Friday evening entertainment, no accommodation to be provided, 1 venue only, so had to cancel the opening and march from St Peter Mancroft. But on a good point we will not have to spend vast sums on the security Norwich Council needs for us to march through the city and cross the roads.

On a positive note, the vast number of people receiving the vaccination are in the upper age groups so perhaps they will be willing to travel next September and join us for the 2021 National. One of the things we should look at is, can we produce a Cursillo choir, for if we are still unable to sing as a congregation our choir would be able to lead.

Bill Rout has kept our web page active making sure we all know what is or more to the point what is not happening, and David Riley has produced prayers all year. Jackie Crisp organised our first zoom meetings and with the help of Leroy from Mattishall church our first ever Zoom Ultreya which was a big success. Jennie Feneron took over from Pat (big boots to fill)) Rout as our area BACC representative.  Thank you everyone for all your efforts.

Revd Jane Atkins retired as our Spiritual Director and Canon Revd Steve Wright stepped into the job. They were both taken by surprise as the change did not quite go quite as expected and, as of yet many of you may not even have had the opportunity to met Steve Wright, what a year!

The BACC National President kept trying to stand down, but events were cancelled so he continued for another 6 months and only handed over in November to Beth Roberts.

I continue to support the Bereavement Support Group with prayer although it is only when they request prayers these days and most of these are personal and not for publication.

I have enjoyed receiving emails over the months letting me know what Cursillistas are doing in their community.

Some have begun reader training, others cooking meals for the vulnerable, many caring and helping in the community, well done to all who have served the Lord through service to his flock.

Lastly many of you will know Jean Rockett and her 2020 has been a somewhat happier one as Jean become engaged to be married to Jeremy Woods sometime next year,


on that happy note I wish all a very safe, and happy New Year when we can get together, sing and praise our Lord.


Barbara Harrold LD

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