A Christmas Message from our Spiritual Director

Revd. Canon Steve Wright, Spiritual Director of Norwich Anglican Cursillo sends a Christmas message to our 4th Day Community:  


Stepping into someone else’s shoes is a strange experience. I’ve had it as I move into the space Revd Jane Atkins has had in Norwich Anglican Cursillo this year. It’s even stranger when the circumstances you do it in are so very different from the ‘template’ you had of it on a Cursillo the year before and I’ve not felt I could ‘do’ anything when we’re not able to meet and do the stuff we normally do. The devout Jews of Jesus day were being called to meet God. The template they had for doing that was a good one, but not that year. The time would come when ‘normal service’ would be resumed, but for that year there wasn’t anything they could do except go and see the baby, marvel at the report of the shepherds and wise men, and, well, what? Wait for the baby to grow up a bit at least. And as it took it’s first steps, keep in touch, remember the words both of the Christmas visitors and of the scriptures, the old ways.
We have kept in touch, and encourage one another still in the old ways, that is, committed to Christ, to pray, study, and act to influence our environment in the ways we have to hand. We take our first steps in technological communication and wonder how our old ways will work in these times when we grow into new ways of doing things, not least Ultreya GB next year. The old ways will find their way back – they didn’t forget the scriptures, or the regular reading of them and singing and eating together, and in the new way, we still do those old things in our fellowships today. Cursillo people, we are learning still, and we are on the march. Merry Christmas, and Ultreya!

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