BACC seeks Graphic Designer for website update.

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Steven Ridley, BACC Webmaster, is currently exploring a revamp of the BACC website and recognises his own limitations in the area of graphic design. He tells us that he is a web developer who, highly skilled and knowledgeable as he is, will be in need of someone to help him to do page layouts, tackle readability issues and consider reader friendly aspects of the work in hand. Perhaps you know someone, or perhaps you have the necessary skills as well as an understanding of website content to be able to offer Steven your support. In addition Steve has asked if anyone has knowledge of websites that are particularly user-friendly and of which you have personal knowledge he would like to hear about it.

If you can help on either of these questions then please get in touch with Bill on (01953) 454400 and he will put you in touch with him.

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