Prayer for Today

Today the church celebrates the life of St Andrew the Apostle. A humble fisherman, called by Jesus to follow him, he remained with Jesus throughout his ministry, death and resurrection. It is thought that he was martyred in a X shaped cross although we know not where or when. St Andrew is patron saint of…

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Prayer for Today, Advent Sunday

Advent Sunday. The beginning of the Churches’ year, a time of preparation for the coming of our Lord into the world, to become one of us. In other, non-Covid times, Posada sets begin their journey around our parishes as families “host” the Holy Family during their symbolic journey to Bethlehem. Perhaps not so this year…

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BACC seeks Graphic Designer for website update.

BACC Pages Logo

Steven Ridley, BACC Webmaster, is currently exploring a revamp of the BACC website and recognises his own limitations in the area of graphic design. He tells us that he is a web developer who, highly skilled and knowledgeable as he is, will be in need of someone to help him to do page layouts, tackle…

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