Prayers for those affected by Covid outbreak at Watton

Many members of the Cursillo 4th Day Community live in and around Watton. Many of them too will be affected by the recent rise in cases of Covid-19 at the Cranswick Factory in the town and so members of the wider Cursillo community are asked to join with the Secretariat to pray for them and for workers at the factory, their families and friends and for all the staff of the agencies working to minimise the spread of the disease.

Heavenly Father we pray for all those who are sick, anxious or confused at this time. We ask You to strengthen them and that Your light may shine in their hearts in their discomfort. Give courage too Lord to those who are concerned about the health of their loved ones. Our prayers are particularly asked for those who are resident in care homes and for their families. We ask You to pour Your blessing on all those who work in the medical services in whatever capacity and grant unto them fortitude and determination to work thoroughly and diligently at whatever they do. We give, with them, thanks, that by Your Holy Spirit, we may overcome these present difficulties. Amen

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