Prayers for the ACC Bereavement Support Group

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The Norwich Anglican Cursillo prayer group which has been formed to offer prayer support to the ACC Bereavement Support group have continued to pray for the activities of the group and their work. Many changes have taken place within the group recently, reflecting the rapidly changing nature of the Covid-19 outbreak within the diocese. With the thankfully reduced numbers of cases which are now occurring in Norfolk the emphasis for the group has moved on to supporting NHS staff who have had to make considerable sacrifices, both physically and mentally, during the last few months. In addition difficulties have been experienced with communications. Nonetheless we are pleased to be able to report that prayers have been answered and two new case managers are now in post and the group has been asked by NHS to extend its responsibilities to include BAME staff and clients.

NAC dedicated prayer team will be concentrating on the following prayers during the coming week and we invite any other members of our 4th Day community to join us in this very worthwhile initiative.

Prayers for the Bereavement Team:  week 27th July to Aug 2nd 2020

For the tired and weary

Lord we are tired, how long can this go on, we struggle, we are weary?

Normally we come to you with praise and thankfulness, but right now our minds are so clouded that we can’t begin to find the words to pray. All we know is that we feel overwhelmed.

Our hope and strength need to be renewed and our mines refresh. Give us the perspective you want us to have. Help us to see your hand at work all situations. Show us how to put our trust in you so our minds can find the rest thats needed. 

Help us remember that we are cherished children of the Father. Speak peace to the mind, calm and heal us all from this overwhelming weariness. Gently lead us out from under this heavy fog we are feel we are in right now. It is so hard and the team needs your help.

 Philippians 4:7 today says, knowing that you will give me peace and guard my heart. Renew my mind. Guard my thoughts, Lord. Transform my thinking and the feelings I am experiencing right now.

Lord help us to meditate on these things throughout the day, and also to ignore any thoughts that are working against us and not from you.

Thank you for the mercies you make new every morning for the team and help them to rejoice in you today. You are holy, righteous, gracious, and powerful. Thank you for giving all a divine peace. Thank you for loving us all, giving all rest, removing all weariness, and bringing strength to our team members today.

Number of referrals

Thank you, Lord for your Word that says you give us the power, to come out of this trial “as gold.” Thank you that this storm will not last forever, but we’re only passing through. Thank you that nothing has taken you by surprise. You know our journey better than we know it ourselves, and you will use this time of testing for good. Thank you, Lord, that you are victorious over every trouble and obstacle. Thank you that you have overcome sin, and death, and any evil that we may face today. And because of you, we too are overcomers. We too can have victory, and we can walk strong in your peace. Lord as we see the number of families needing our care fall, they are replaced by the traumatized NHS staff struggling to overcome all they have experienced. Lord, your power endures throughout all generations. In the difficulties that we face, may we know that you go before us and fight for us. Let us rest in you while you fight the teams battle. Like David conquered Goliath, we call on you to defeat the giant obstacles in our life. You are the solid foundation on which we build our life, make us secure through the storms that we will face. Lord as we support those who struggle to come to terms with the outcome of Covid 19 we ask that you support us as we support Your worldly family.

Renewing of lost communications.

Lord it is with a grateful heart we learn that You worked with the team to help provide the number of new staff needed to reduce individual’s workload. But Lord for us communication is simple a prayer, but Lord here on earth the internet is a vital everyday communication devise and we ask that You help keep the air waves free from gremlins so Your word can flow freely with each decision it assists. 

Prayers for counsellors, case managers and clients

Heavenly Father we give You thanks for the developments that have made our release from the lockdown possible but we ask that You give us the resolve to keep vigilant, knowing that Covid-19 is not yet defeated.  We are conscious of the work of our medical teams as they continue to help those who are sick. Give to them courage and strength to carry on their vital work despite the tiredness and fatigue. 

NHS England will be using our service for their BAME staff and re-advertising the service

We pray for the members of the ACC Bereavement Support Group. We ask You Lord to keep them close to Your heart as they face difficult and challenging questions thrown up by the situations they have to confront. We give You thanks for their dedication and fortitude during this crisis. We particularly pray, at this time, for the counsellors, case managers and administrators as well as their clients. Our prayers are asked for the re-advertising of the scheme and in particular the inclusion of BAME staff and clients to their care. 

As we make tentative steps towards the new reality that Covid-19 has brought to the world, we pray that our vigilance and co-operation may bring a progressive reduction in the threat that we face.

In Jesus name we pray this.  Amen.

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