Always wanted to go to a “National”? Now’s your chance!

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We were all disappointed of course, that the National Ultreya this year had to be cancelled because of the corona virus outbreak. We also felt sorry for the organising team at Cursillo London and their colleagues from Southwark who had put in so much hard work to make September the 5th a day to remember.

Well! Not undaunted, the determined lads and lassies in London have risen to the occasion and are now set to hold a “virtual” National Ultreya on the computer on Saturday 5th September between 10 am and 1 pm. This promises to be “as good as can be” substitute for the real event with all the usual elements present.

Further details are awaited from BACC which will include a registration page so that London Cursillo can send out an “invitation” with the necessary joining link.

Further updates to follow….

(A repost of a piece originally published on 21st instant. For some reason it seemed to get “buried” in the other posts we published. Editor.) 2/10, see me

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