Cursillo Prayer Support

Norwich Anglican Cursillo have provided a dedicated prayer team who support the ACC Covid-19 bereavement support group who are active within the Diocese. As is to be expected, the work of the group of counsellors has not diminished, even though the lockdown is being lifted and the rest of the community is preparing to emerge into the “new normal” of life with the threat of Coronavirus ever present. Sadly, the team, having been “on the front line” as it were, have been directly affected by the events that they have been involved in. At this time therefore they are even more in need of our prayers. Members of our 4th Day Community will be holding these situations in their prayers during the coming week and, we are sure that they will be appreciated by those for whom they will have particular poignancy. We wish them, and everyone who is mourning the loss of loved ones at this time, the blessings of our Lord, who is close to everyone who suffers.

Please join in with our prayer team with the prayers that follow:

For our college, who woke this morning to the loneliness of bereavement, no more phone calls, or a smiling face, an unaccustomed quietness, a life now incomplete may she know your presence in the stillness of the day, and through the love of friends who offer their condolence. Lord in the darker moments may they reach out to hold your hand and feel the warmth of the One who has already passed from death to life and is welcome by all those others who have gone before, into God’s Kingdom.

God of love and mercy embrace all those whose hearts today overflow with grief, unanswered questions and such a sense of loss. Grant them space to express their tears. Hold them close through the coming days.

Father welcome your children home.

Lord we ask that the team finds time to support one another and that others will join and help to find ways through these strange Covid times. For those working on the front line, to those organising and administration each in their own way as important as the next. Give strength to each individual councillor as they support their clients during these strange and heart-breaking times. Protect their hearts and minds from the trauma of the stories that are difficult to hear and must be left at the foot of the cross, so they do not become a burden and destroy the comforter. Lord please surround the families with Your shield of love and support them until they, intime, are able to remember only the good things from their loved one’s life.

Father support all your children as they work in your name.

Lord as you needed 12 disciples to support You and carry on Your work, so the bereavement team need people to join their team. This time Lord it is a case manager, and we pray for Your intervention into someone’s life as they think about a new career. Give them insight, and a push if needs be, to serve You through this challenging but ultimately rewarding and supportive post.

Father we ask you to provide.

From conception the Director has worked to fulfil the needs of others making sure the support needed is available. Now it is her turn to rest and seek your loving presents in quieting her mind, soothing her concerns and relieving her of the constant worry of making sure all are served with respect, understanding, confidence, love and passion. Lord give her the ability to step back, knowing that her team will carry one as she would wish as she takes time to become refreshed and restored. Let her feel your presence as You walk beside her, filling her with Your restorative light of love.

Father we ask for rest for the weary.

But mostly Lord we prayer for all who work, in your name. Enable them to serve You in a manner that will enable all to see Your love for them through the work of others. Your love Lord is never seen by sitting in a pew, but by the support Gods workers, disciples, yes ordinary people, do for all humanity. We ask you Lord to look with compassion on your imperfect subjects who struggle with the world’s daily problems, but always turn to you in their greatest need. In You do we trust, in You do we believe and to You will we eventually return.

Father we thank you for your Love


(Prepared by BH)

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