Cursillo Prayers for ACC Bereavement Counselling Group

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Norwich Anglican Cursillo dedicated prayer team continue to pray for the clients and volunteers of the Association of Christian Counsellors Covid-19 Bereavement Group as they continue their vital work in the Diocese.

The prayers that the NAC team will be using during this coming week are printed below and we invite anyone, either members of our own 4th Day community or the wider Church, to join in with this effort.

Please Lord, as we go about our daily tasks supporting and guiding those families struggling with bereavement give all the strength, the love and the patience to help and support those that need us, the team, enabling us to do our job in your name Lord.

Thank you, Lord, for hearing me, and for being my friend.

Lord we take time to remember all who are unwell and those who have begun their journey home to you. We ask that you surround those caring or mourning with your healing light for they are the ones who suffer most. Feeling frustrated that they cannot help a loved one who is sick, or devastated by not being able to say goodbye or hold a love one as they leave this world which is unimaginably difficult, so please Lord support them and give them Your strength to overcome their pain and guide us as we support them.

Thank you, Lord, for hearing me, and for being my friend.

Lord we ask that the team finds time to support one another and that others will join and help to find ways through these strange Covid times. For those working on the front line, to those organising and administration each in their own way as important as the next.

May all meetings be filled with cooperation and compassion for each other, and may all discussion be tempered with understanding and Your love Lord. May each day see the financial struggles diminish and the daily need gradually ease but mostly Lord, walk with us through these dreadful times until we can see light at the end of the journey.

Thank you, Lord, for hearing me, and for being my friend.    Amen

If you would like to join the team formally then please get in touch with our Lay Director, Barbara Harrold, who will make suitable arrangements. Barbara may be contacted by clicking here:

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