Norwich Anglican Cursillo continue to Pray for ACC Bereavement group

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Members of our 4th Day Community continue to pray for the work of the ACC Bereavement Group as they continue their vital work in the Diocese. Our selection of prayers this week reflect the concerns that they have expressed to us in the last few days. We will of course keep them in mind as the week progresses.

Prayers for the week of June 8th – 14th

Lord we are all, frightened by a thing so small it can’t be seen under most microscopes. It’s not even an animal or a plant. It’s a virus, a mere parasite, dependent on our own living cells to replicate. But it has shuttered our schools, cancelled our flights, and emptied our churches. It has consumed the attention of our leading scientists, wrenched our politics out of shape, dominated our conversations, and scared the daylights out of us.                                                                                                                                                                We don’t want to get sick; we don’t want to die.  We are afraid, O God, afraid of a microorganism, afraid of each other. We are wary and uncertain, we have no idea what the future will bring, but we do know you will be in our future to hold us there.                                                                                         

We cannot quiet ourselves; we cannot comfort ourselves, cannot heal ourselves, cannot help ourselves. All we can do is wash our hands and keep our distance. Our rocket science is no good to us against this threat.                                                                                                                                                     Lord you are our source of peace, quiet us, your anxious ones, and let us cling for comfort to your suffering Son, Jesus. Gather us under his wing. Remind us that he suffers with us, but he’s also the great physician. In him, let us not be afraid. Please, let us not be afraid. Lord surround those who have lost loved ones for whom they did not have the chance to hold, support and say good bye too, with the knowledge that they will be welcomed home to the glory of your house with many rooms.   Sadly, Lord they are those who did not know you, have compassion on them and their families, forgive and welcome them also into you glorious presence.   Amen

Self giving God
You call us all to lives of service.
Enable us through your given strength and courage to make all aware of The Bereavement team. Call us to action and help us to find new ways through our contacts and friends to put the word around so we may empower them to support the Bereavement team through prayer. Let this support bring them comfort and help them to grow in strength as they carry out your works at such a difficult time.
In your name we pray.

Heavenly Father, we pray to you, that you may bring forward people of good faith and experience to enrich the administration and leadership of the group. We ask that they, and us, may not turn away from human need, both as individuals or as a community and that we can all work together to meet the needs of those affected by loss at this time. Amen

Lord we ask that You will keep us mindful of our frailties. Help the volunteers to keep vigilant, for themselves, and for the good of others. Keep them safe from harm and strengthen them as they work. May they be guided by your Holy Spirit and safe in Your care.  Amen

Loving Lord
We pray for your love to enfold them, your peace to calm them and your protection to keep them safe as they continue with this work.
Give them good night’s rest, so they will wake refreshed in the morning ready for the new day and all the challenges they may face.
When they are so busy with the concerns of others help them to look after themselves too.
In your name we pray.  Amen

Prayers contributed by Bill, Jeannie and Barbara

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