Cancellation of National Ultreya 2020

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Following a virtual meeting of the BACC Standing Committee and representatives of the organising committee of the National Ultreya 2020, we have been informed that it has become necessary to cancel the National Ultreya this year. Many factors were considered and particularly in light of the uncertainty surrounding the lifting of lockdown measures, the Standing Committee have reluctantly accepted the necessity of the cancellation.

One of the matters considered was that London & Southwark were unable to re-book their Cathedral for 2021 and that we (NAC) have a firm booking with Norwich Cathedral for September 4th 2021. It has been agreed that London and Southwark will host the National Ultreya in 2022.

Given that there is now complete certainty that we will host the National Ultreya in 2021 it gives us renewed impetus to continue to make preparations for our “day in the limelight”. We will of course keep our 4th Day Community up to date with the progress of our preparations, many of which are already well advanced. Recent efforts on this front have been hampered by the unusual circumstances surrounding the Covid -19 outbreak but we are confident that the continuing relaxation of the measures will enable us to proceed with increased vigour.

On a similar note, the Standing Committee agreed that the BACC AGM will now take place during the Bi-annual conference at Swanwick in November 2020. Uncertainty still remains regarding this event and BACC officers are awaiting confirmation from Swanwick as to the viability of such an event at that time. Further details will be advised when known.

BACC National President, Trevor King, as well as those Area Representatives who are due to stand down this year, will continue to serve until November when the necessary changes of office can take place.

It is of course disappointing that we cannot look forward to a great day out in London this September but we are sure that everyone will agree that this is the best course of action in the circumstances. We continue to pray for those who were making preparations for this year’s National and of course for those of us here in Norwich who will be preparing for 2021.


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