Prayer in Action via. Norwich Anglican Cursillo

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NAC continue to pray for the work of the ACC Covid-19 Bereavement Support Group.

Members of the Secretariat, as well as members of our 4th Day Community are being kept up to date with the work of the group and continue to pray for the volunteers and their clients. We have received an update from the group organisers and so would encourage our wider community to join with our dedicated prayer group as they hold these matters before God at this time:

  • wisdom, health and energy for the whole team at ACC – staff and volunteers
  • peace for those counsellors who are volunteering: that the risk they take in doing so will be more than offset by the blessing of doing the work
  • assurance for the organisations that we will deliver the service through, whether hospitals, ambulance centres, local community etc that they can have trust and confidence in the service
  • thanks to God for provision in these times.

Week of 25th May

  1. For the Q&A session on the 26th May
  2. For the health and well-being of the team
  3. To give thanks for another week of the scheme and another case manager volunteer
  4. For wisdom with regard to extending the scheme for people working in residential care homes
  5. For the volunteers acting as co-ordinator and case managers
  6. For the volunteer counsellors
  7. For the news of the scheme to reach those that need counselling
  8. For renewed energy to make progress with the feedback survey

We feel sure that your prayers will be appreciated and we wholeheartedly support the work of the ACC group. If you would like to join the dedicated prayer team, please get in touch with Bill on (01953) 454400 and I’ll make sure you go on the list.


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