We continue to pray during the Coronavirus outbreak….

Monday 18th May 2020

As we tentatively work towards the easing of the lockdown, we give you thanks Lord for keeping us steadfast and strong during the darkest times when all seemed lost. We thank you for your presence when things looked grim and we were confined to our houses, fearful of the next news bulletin. We give you thanks too, for the work of scientists and researchers, nurses and doctors and all those many people who have supported us through the crisis.

We ask you to keep us strong and give courage to those who lead us as together we seek a safe way to proceed. Help us to remain vigilant and alert when we are out and about and to treat others with respect. Give us faith that you will walk alongside us whilst we negotiate the stormy waters of this tempestuous sea of uncertainty.

We ask that you will be close to those for whom the lockdown has been difficult. We think of those who have lost their livelihoods, those who suffer with ill health or have lost loved ones at this time and are anxious for the wellbeing of their families or themselves. Look with pity on all those whose life is in turmoil due to these unusual circumstances and help them to know that you are near to them and will sustain them in their troubles.

We ask you Lord to call to us from the lake, and like Peter, to take courage, step over the side of the boat and, with your help and our faith in you, walk on the “choppy waters” that confront us.

In Jesus name. Amen

Let us continue to pray:

Each day that we live is full of questions and surprises. Despite plans and anticipatory actions, life can throw curve balls that we are not quite ready to tackle. When life challenges us it’s important to retreat to prayer for comfort and reinforcement. Prayer can be a saving grace that directs us through rough times and holds our hand through difficult days.
Our prayers today Lord are for those still suffering with coronavirus and other illnesses.
O Father of mercies and comfort, our only help in time of need. We ask that you visit the sick, especially those with coronavirus for whom we pray today. Look upon them with the eyes of thy mercy; comfort them with a sense of thy goodness; preserve them from the temptations of the enemy; and give them patience during their illness. Then in your time Lord, restore them to health, enabling them lives praising your Holy name.
For this we thank you Lord. Amen
Lord of all the earth, You hold the universe in Your hands You place the stars in the sky and lay the deep foundations of each planet. You have created all things large and small with intricate beauty and life. You have all authority and power to diminish and heal this virus. Father, we call upon You now to come, to halt this invasion of the body in the name of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lord, our healer and redeemer Jesus Christ.
For this we thank you Lord Amen

O Lord, only you know how hard life has been for us all. Only you have seen each moment of our days and nights. Only you see our mental stress caused through isolation.  Only you Lord are beside us in these difficult times.  Only you Lord have been there each moment to comfort us. 
For this we thank you Lord. Amen    

In Jesus name. Amen

“Walking on water? The scene is from Cascais in Portugal. The surface is absolutely flat but the skilful tiling gives the effect of undulations. There is a similar pattern in some of the tiling in a square at Capernaum in Israel, but much more subdued in colour. Thankfully there is no suggestion that it was there when Jesus and the disciples lived there!


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