Cursillo Prayer for ACC Covid-19 Crisis Counselling Support Service

The NAC Prayer Group are now well active and we are pleased to say that Our Lord has blessed the activities of the ACC Covid-19 Crisis Counselling Support Service. The organisers have appreciated our prayerful support for their initiative and have sent us a resume of their initial weeks work and their on going prayer needs. Rest assured that the dedicated Cursillo prayer team are continuing with their efforts. The ACC team have sent us this report to keep us up to date with progress:

Week of 4th May
Give thanks for that we have had a good first week of operating the scheme with clients coming through.
Give thanks for volunteer case managers who have got to grips with how the system works and made some improvements.
Give thanks for the first agreement getting up and running and for being able to resolve a few teething issues.
Pray that we can raise awareness of the service with those who will most help it become known to the people in the U.K.
Pray that the funding application is successful.
Pray that we can progress building a feedback survey.
Pray especially that God will bring suffering people to us.

We have received 2 prayers from our 4th day community and which they ask us to pray with them:

We pray to the Lord for continuing compassion as you meet those seeking your guidance.  May the Lord guide all in need to your doors. We pray that those who are charged with organisation and delegation, do so with love and understanding of both the bereaved and the support team. We pray that those learning the administrative side, have patience with the problems that arise and deal with everything in an atmosphere of love and kindness. We pray that all who need your services will be able to access the scheme and find the help needed in this time of suffering and uncertainty. We pray those resources, much needed to enable the scheme to provide the support and help the bereaved seek, will be forthcoming in the very near future. We pray Lord for the safe keeping of all who serve on the team and ask you to surround them with your loving hands of support and healing light, enabling each difficulty to be overcome especially with finding the necessary finance and people to make the support group a nationwide success.     Amen

We cannot change what you are going through; we have no words to make a difference; we have no answers or solutions to make things easier for you. But if it helps in any way, we want to say we care. Please know that even when you are lonely, you are not alone. We are here supporting you with our thoughts, and praying for you with all our hearts, for whatever you need and for as long as it takes. Lean on us, lean on the Lord. Amen 

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