Clap for Carers, Tonight at 8 o’clock

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NAC Secretariat invite all members of our 4th Day Community to join with them in going outside on our doorsteps (or balcony, or open window) and joining in the national “Clap for Carers” event this evening at 8 pm.

Pat & I have been very gratified that from the first week this occurred, when there was very little “take up” of this event in our Close here in Attleborough, there has been a steady increase in the numbers out on their doorsteps and a tremendous increase in the decibel level too. Some of the youngsters are particularly enthusiastic, with saucepans and wooden spoons being put to use in their alternative percussive capacity.

We also know that our efforts are appreciated after talking on the ‘phone to some of those who work in the caring professions, in all sorts of capacities. We are sure too that, for those members of our 4th Day Community who are over 70 (and therefore by definition “vulnerable”) as well as those who are vulnerable due to ill health or infirmity, it is a good chance to give something back to the community.

Let us also think and pray for all those who work in shops and businesses as well as the bin men, bus drivers, the “bobbies”, the firemen and ambulance crews who put themselves at risk by the very nature of their jobs. Our thanks go to them for all they do. We thank them all and pray that they will keep safe and well so they can continue to look after us all long after the pandemic is over.

Go Well, Keep Safe and Save Lives. ULTREYA!

And Just as we went out to clap……a Rainbow over Attleborough.

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