Keeping Occupied during Lockdown…………

As we are Socially Distancing ourselves during the Corona-virus outbreak, many of us are perhaps taking up new hobbies or picking up old ones that we have put aside in busier times.

Pat has spent some time taking up knitting again and has occupied herself in making some more butterflies which are destined for the National Ultreya goody bags in 2021. Our picture shows just a few of them whilst they “hatched” this morning and took flight for the first time. They will be joined soon by another batch.

It occurred to me that an opportunity has arisen for us to let other people know what you have been doing during lockdown. Something that may well inspire others to take something up too, or perhaps you are making Palanca for a forthcoming weekend. Its about time that I got to grips with manipulating photographs ready for the website so hopefully I’ll be able to do justice to your efforts.

If you want to put something on the website please let me know, (01953) 454400 is the number to call initially and we can arrange to exchange details.

Meanwhile I’ll continue with painting the garden shed, very therapeutic.

Toodle pip. Bill

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