NAC Prayers for those affected by the Corona-virus outbreak. 27th April 2020

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Barbara has written a poem for us to focus on as we pray at 6 pm this evening.

Barbara sent this to me with it set out on a rather splendid butterfly background but the procedure for putting the image along with the text on the website has eluded me! (2/10 See Me. Must do better. Sorry Barbara)

For You

I’m praying this to let you know

I think of all each day.

Praying for everyone’s recovery,

Hoping the world will soon be OK.

Together we are going through

An awful lot right now.

But remember whilst you keep apart

The problem you are defying.

Hold on to your positive attitude,

And when things get hard to bear,

Know that He is there for you:

His love, His support and care.

And when we are free to meet and greet

Look back and realise,

You learned what you were made of,

With the Lords help of course in these trying times.

Barbara tells me that she has sent a similar version of the poem to the ACC Counsellors who “officially” started work today.

Go Well all of you. We look forward to praying together this evening.

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