Cursillo prayers for ACC Covid-19 Crisis Counselling Service

Jane Minchin (Norwich #12) has sent us these words and image which we have forwarded to the ACC Counselling Service.

Jane quotes the text accompanying the outline drawing (which she coloured in whilst praying) as: “If every moment of existence is a grace, we can simply rest in God. It means our joy might just transcend our circumstances” These words are attributed to Jana Reiss in “Flunking Sainthood”

The outline image that Jane coloured in is in a book entitled “Count your Blessings in Color” Copyright 2016 by Paraclete Press Inc. ISBN 978-1-61261-845-6 and published by Paraclete Press, Brewster, Mass. USA

Thank you for this Jane. Palanca at its best!

Bill Rout BACC Rep

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