Norwich Anglican Cursillo prayer for deliverance from the Covid-19 outbreak.

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Once again the Secretariat of NAC invite members of our 4th Day Community to join with them in prayer this Monday (13th April) at 6 pm.

We are encouraged to join in with them in praying the following prayer:

Cursillo Prayers for Monday Evening

Heavenly Father, we pray to you at this time knowing that you raised your son from the dead and confirmed your message of hope.        We thank you for this hope with which, with your continued help, we will be able to overcome the many difficulties that the Coronavirus outbreak presents us.                                            We pray for those who are anxious and lonely during the lockdown. May they feel your comfort and hope that all will be well again.      We pray for those who are tired and stressed due to their work.     Be with them during their worktime and grant them relaxation when they rest. Give them confidence that their efforts are worthwhile and that they are contributing to your work as together we overcome this pandemic.        We pray for the elderly, and particularly for those who live in care homes. Be with them Lord at this time and with their relatives who are unable to visit them. Give strength and courage to their carers as they work with them.       We ask you Lord to be with all those who have to make difficult decisions on a personal or community basis. Give us all a sense of confidence and purpose as we steer ourselves through the often difficult situations that we find ourselves in.       Father we give you thanks for the many benefits that we continue to enjoy and ask that you will sustain and guide us through this vexatious time, inspiring us to help one another in whatever way we can. Merciful Father, accept these prayers for the sake of your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen

Keep Well, Stay at Home, Save a life and Save the NHS. ULTREYA!

Bill Rout BACC Rep

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