On-Line Retreat for Holy Week

Many of us I’m sure will be familiar with Launde Abbey in Leicestershire. Launde has for many years past hosted Cursillo Weekends for both Leicester and Peterborough Cursillos as well as other events.

Launde enjoys an enviable reputation for the quality of its retreats and in recognition of the present Covid-19 outbreak are making available an on-line Retreat for Holy Week. Entitled “The Way of the Cross” this material is free of charge and is accessible to anyone who can go on-line. (or indeed others if a friend can download and print the material for them). We understand that the segments will be made available on-line on a daily basis.

Having had a quick glance at the information from Launde, Pat & I think this is a worthwhile scheme so without further ado we suggest that if you wish to join in, then go to the Launde Abbey website where you will find the necessary links to the daily readings and commentary. Click here to see the Launde website: https://laundeabbey.org.uk/laundeathome/holy-week-2020/

Keep Well.

Bill Rout BACC Rep.

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