Prayers for the Covid-19 outbreak

Norwich Anglican Cursillo are of course as concerned as any other group about those affected by, or involved in, tackling the present Covid-19 outbreak. After careful consideration it has been decided that NAC should “put its shoulder to the wheel” and add its collective prayers to those that we know are already surrounding these troubled times.

Our Lay Director, Barbara Harrold writes:

Dear Cursillo family, We are in that time when our prayers are so precious for all humanity. Knowing, as we all do, that numbers make a difference could I ask that at 6pm UK time on Tuesday 24th March we all pray the following together:

Our Lord, your Son, Jesus Christ, understood people’s fear and pain before they spoke of them,

We pray that you will surround the frightened with your tenderness as the people go into lockdown to help stop the spread of Coronavirus.
We pray for those in hospital; give strength to those in pain;
hold the weak in your arms of love, and give hope and patience
to those who are recovering.

Give strength to all those working in an environment of uncertainty, danger and crisis, and help all NHS workers to give compassion to those in need and to be aware of the support and pride we have for them.

Alone in our homes, but not alone; as you are always with us give us the strength and understanding to withstand the stresses and strains these coming weeks will bring
we ask this in Your Son’s name Jesus Christ, our Lord.

To my Cursillo family, stay safe and with Gods help we will meet at the next Ultreya, which will have real meaning, for as the Spanish were allowed to gather together and pray following the war so we will be allowed to gather once again to pray following our war on the virus.

Stay safe. Barbara.

May Pat & I add our prayers to those above and hope that as many of our 4th Day community will be able to join with us at 6 o’clock tonight.

Bill Rout BACC Rep.

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