Time marches on!

Banner for Norwich Anglican Cursillo

Further to our previous posts…….. Secretariat have asked that I give our readers a gentle reminder that time is running out for applications for participants for our forthcoming Cursillo Weekend in late March. Places are still available for this event which in this instance will be held during the week which gives those who find…

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Cursillo video

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Further to our previous post (yesterday), we have been asked for a quick link to the BACC sponsored video which may be helpful to you with your sponsorship of a friend to a weekend. No sooner said than done………….. it’s here; http://norwichanglicancursillo.co.uk/ultreya-2017/fourth-day-community/ Bill Rout BACC Rep.

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Opportunities to sponsor a friend for a Cursillo Weekend

Jeanie Feneron

NAC has arranged 2 Cursillo “Weekends” for 2020 and so there are 16 places available this year for potential new members of the 4th Day Community. Let us not pass this chance by to swell our numbers and share the love of God through our witness in the fertile fields of our own environment. Ever…

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Ultreyas in Norwich Diocese 2020

Banner of Norwich Anglican Cursillo

In response to requests at our previous events, NAC have endeavoured to put together a full years worth of events in 2020. We can understand those who suggested that we “sprang things on them” in 2019 and that people like to be able to plan ahead. We also have to say that Norfolk is not…

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