Ultreya and Social evening, South Wootton July 2017

Ultreya BBQ South Wootton our Lay Director and National President

A good time was had by all at the Ultreya and Social Evening hosted by Linda & James Nash recently. Although billed as an Ultreya the event did not follow the pattern for an Ultreya as set out in the BACC Resource manual. Perhaps it best to draw a discreet veil over the advertised title…

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Resolute in Adversity

Norfolk Anglican Cursillo Stand at Norfolk Show 2017

  Exhibitors and visitors alike at the Royal Norfolk Show remained resolute in their determination to defy the weather as the rain cried tears of joy over this prestigious event last week. After splendid weather during the previous week, heavy rain hampered the efforts of the setting up parties on the Tuesday and then continued…

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Coming soon, Cursillo Weekends in 2018

BACC Rep Bill Rout writes: As we prepare for Norwich #11 in June so also some of our neighbouring Diocesan Cursillos are holding weekends during the coming months as well.  Clausuras are of course planned for Sunday afternoons and any members of the 4th Day Community is welcome to attend. After all the Clausura is…

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