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Butterflys taking wing

Prayer for Today. Saturday 18th July

      Come to us, Lord Jesus, Come.       We are looking at a new future       following the Covid-19 pandemic.       Our world will never be       quite the same again.       Come to us, Lord Jesus, Come       We have a chance to change how we treat       the world, the environment, the birds…

Hen & Chick

Prayer for Today

Noahs Ark

Prayer for Today

      Thursday 16th July 2020         Father of creation.,       Thank you that in a world full of despair       You are our Hope.       In a world full of darkness       You are our Light.       In a world full of sorrow       You are our Joy!       We ask that you continue…

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Prayer for Today. St Swithun.

Today is St. Swithun’s Day. In popular culture we hope that it doesn’t rain today because it is said that if it does it will rain for forty days and forty nights! At least that’s what my mum said when I was a youngster. Swithun, Bishop of Winchester was an intrinsically humble man despite his…

Poppy by Sue

Prayer for Today

    Tuesday 14th July 2020     Blessed are the peacemakers         for they shall be known as     the Children of God.     But I say to you that hear,     love your enemies,     do good to those who hate you,     bless those who curse you,     pray for those who abuse…

He leadeth me

Prayer for Today

Snowdrops in the woods. Image courtesy Sue, Myra’s niece. Thank you Sue.


Prayer for Today. Trinity 5

As well as being the 5th Sunday after Trinity, in the lectionary the Scottish Episcopal Church commemorates the life and works of St Drostan (aka. Tristan) of Deer. Drostan is thought to have been a Pict and possibly a companion of St Columba. His influence spread as far as Galloway and Glen Urquhart and the…

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Prayer for Today. St Benedict

Today the church celebrates the life and works of St Benedict of Nursia.  Benedict was born into a Roman family in about 480. Whilst studying in Rome he became disillusioned by the corruption and debauchery he saw about him and subsequently left and become a hermit. Later he founded small monasteries in the region and…


Prayer for Today

Banner for Norwich Anglican Cursillo

Prayer for Today

Picture courtesy of Myra, again at Foggy Bottom Gardens. Prayers by our own resident bard, David.