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Prayer for Today

     Monday 27th July 2020         In these ever changing times, when we are       still trying to find out what the ‘New                     Normal’ is; we rely on your Love and your       guidance to see us through every new day.             Keep us faithful to you, reminding us of      …


Prayer for Today. Trinity 7


Prayer for Today. St James day.

Today is the festival of St James. James and his brother John were fishermen on Lake Galilee who were called by Jesus to follow him very early in his ministry. Jesus called the brothers “sons of thunder” because of their fiery tempers. They were both with Jesus at the Transfiguration, in the garden of Gethsemane…

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Deferment of Ultreya on 19th September.

Secretariat announce that the proposed Ultreya that was due to be held at North Wooten on 19th September has been deferred. It is hoped that this event can be rescheduled for later in the year, provided of course that no further outbreaks intervene. Please keep an eye on this website for further updates. Our calendar…

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Prayer for Today

Noahs Ark

Prayer for Today

New NAC Logo 2020

Prayer for Today, St. Mary Magdelene

Today the church celebrates the life of St. Mary Magdalene. Mary has become known as “the apostle to the Apostles” because of her being the first person to whom the risen Jesus appeared to when she visited his tomb on Easter morning. John describes how Jesus sends her to tell the other disciples of his…

He leadeth me

Prayer for Today

      Tuesday 21st July 2020       Dear Lord, you are my friend, you are my confidant,  you are my guide, you are my teacher. There are infinite things you do for me. I must thank you with all my heart and mind. The world is such a beautiful place to be in, wherever that is. I…

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Prayer for Today

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Prayer for Today. Trinity 6

         Sunday 19th July 2020             Lord, give your people your peace           that we may shine brightly           in a dark world.           Grant us the courage to live           faithfully even in the midst           of hard times.           Let our fear of you be the beginning           of wisdom rather than…