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Prayer for Today

Thursday 17th June 2021 Dear Lord, In these unending days of the worldwide Corona Virus pandemic, there are many who suffer. They suffer through the lack of vaccines, the lack of medical equipment and the lack of medical staff. Guide the governments of the world to come together and to share their resources with the…

Prayer Globe

Prayer for Today

Wednesday 16th June 2021 O Lord God Almighty, You are the author of Peace and the Lover of Concorde. Let all the governors of the world work together to promote Peace throughout the planet but especially help individuals promote harmony within their own household and home. O God, show each one of your children that…


Prayer for Today

Tuesday 15th June 2021 O Lord God, We have many in this world who are vulnerable and weak. They are often fearful or poor. They are often hungry or abused in some way. O Lord God, be their defender in these times of adversity. Let them all know that you are ever with them, surrounding…

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Last Orders Please!

Our bulk order for Norwich Anglican Cursillo Polo Shirts will be placed later this week, so please get in touch with Bill on (01953) 454400 as soon as possible if you want one and haven’t ordered yours yet.

Stained Glass Norwich Cathedral

Prayer for Today

Monday 14th June 2021 Dear Lord, Breathe on me, fill me with new life this day. Breathe on me, fill my lungs with new air of life. Breathe on me, fill my heart and soul with your endless Love and Grace. Breathe on me, cleanse me from all my sins. Breathe on me, stoke the…

Chelsea exhibit

Prayer for Today. Trinity 2

Sunday 13th June 2021 Dear Lord, You have asked me to serve you today. You have given me a task that even I could do, with your help of course, and with the help of others I meet. ‘Let all the world know my kingdom, my church is here, alive, open for each one of…

Butterflys taking wing

Prayer for Today

Saturday 12th June 2021 Be still, For the Lord is here with us. We stand with him on holy ground and bow down before him. Be still, for the face of the Lord is lighting up the world we live in. His holy flame lights up the fire in our hearts for all eternity. Be…

New lambs Jan 21

Prayer for Today. St Barnabas, Apostle

Friday 11th June 2021 The lambs are sitting in their shelter chewing the cud, waiting for time to go by, oblivious of the pandemic here on earth. Lord God, We ask for your healing powers, as so many are affected by the COVID-19 virus and are very sick in hospital. Place your healing hands on…

Sue, sunflower

Prayer for Today

Thurs 10th June 2021 Lord God, I am alive at dawn. I am rested and refreshed, ready for the new day ahead. I am at peace with the world, no worries, no fears or doubts. I see the sun as it comes above the horizon, lighting up the skies and everything in the garden. I…

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Prayer for Today

Wednesday 9th June 2021 Lord God of Power and Might, whose creation is for all eternity, You are here with us this evening. We have come to meet with you in silent prayer. Guard us and keep us safe as we sleep, from all the terrors and dangers of the night. We can be at…