Norwich #10 – a weekend of fun, faith and friendship

Norwich #10, held at a new venue, The Pleasaunce in Overstrand, was a remarkable weekend of fun, faith and friendship. The talks were memorable and the meditations inspiring, but the overall impression was relaxed. Excellent food added to the enjoyment and there was plenty of free time to take a walk across the road to…

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Cursillo Method bears fruit

De Colores one and each…. Yes, it really works! The Cursillo Method of Prayer, Study and Action has borne fruit in Norwich Diocese. You may have noticed a sudden surge in activity on the NAC website. (If you haven’t, then you won’t be reading this, will you! There’s logic for you) This is due to…

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Welcome to Rochester

  Rochester Diocese will be holding its first Cursillo Weekend later this year. Rochester #1 will be held at Faversham in Kent between 1st and 4th November 2018. Further details will be available later. In the meantime please pray for members of the Gifting team and the local Cursillistas  who will be working hard to…

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The Fourth Day Servant Community

As with all organisations they are only really successful due to the work of the ‘back of house’ staff who, in terms of Cursillo, are the Servant Community. Most roles only require a few hours a month to make all the difference to the overall success of Norwich Anglican Cursillo. If you have a talent,…

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Needed urgently for 2018/19

Banner of Norwich Anglican Cursillo

We are in urgent need of Parish churches, village or church hall with toilet and water facilities. Can you help? We need to book our forthcoming Ultreyas now! Winter Venues also need to be warm, light, accessible and have parking facilities. Please contact our Ultreya Co-ordinator Barbara Harrold on 01953 883394 or email Barbara OR Peter…

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