Prayer for Today

Monday 16th August 2021

Dear Father,

We are your children

and are ready to learn from you.

Teach us the way of life

to follow you.

Help us to listen to you

as we pray.

Help us to read

the words of the Gospel.

Let us be guided

by you in our daily lives.

Let us be lead

by you each and every day.

Guard us from the many

dangers of this world.

Heal and comfort us

when we fall from the Holy Path.

Show us your Love

and Mercy for all of us.

Show us your smiling face that lights up your Kingdom on earth.

Thanks Be to God.    Amen.

Our header picture this morning, butterfly on a buddleia bush, gives me the opportunity to tell you that the Buddleia is named after a clergyman. Revd. Adam Buddle was rector of a parish near Maldon in Essex in the late17th and early 18th centuries. He was interested in botany and wrote an influential treatise on British flora.

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