Cross against a blue sky

 Tuesday 17th November 2020

Dear Lord Jesus,

You are the fire of my life,

the fire that bathes

my heart in Your Love.

You are many things to me.

You are my Protector

and my Shepherd.

You are my Master  

and my King.

You are my Bread

and my True Energy.

You are my Peace

and my Calmness.

You are the Pure Simplicity

and Harmony of my life.

You are the Priest

and the Teacher

that lights the straight path

I am following

on Your Holy Way.

Thank You Lord Jesus. 


Today the church commemorates the life and works of Hugh, Bishop of Lincoln (1140-1200). Born in France, Hugh was invited to come to England by Henry the Second with instructions to reform the practices of monastic houses in the west country. Later he was asked to take up the See of Lincoln, at that time the largest diocese in England. Hugh was a very active bishop and initiated many projects as well as travelling widely. He was particularly active in caring for the poor and sick as well as having a moderating hand in the affairs of state

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