Friday 23rd October 2020

        Paul said,

        “Rejoice in hope, be patient in

        suffering, persevere in prayer”.

        Hope is not optimism, it is actually

        a gift from God’s generous heart.

        He has promised never to leave

        us even when we have very

        difficult and dark times.

        He comforts us always and his

        mercy to us, lasts for ever more.

        The hope enables us to be patient

        in our suffering. We are then able

        to wait for the good times

        that are to come.

        Dear Lord,

        Thank you, Lord, for all your great

        gifts to us, Faith, Hope and Love.

        We are your children and we can

        do nothing without You.

        This is our prayer to You.

        Thanks Be to God.  


Today the church celebrates the life and works of St James, the brother of Jesus. (aka. James of Jerusalem). James was leader of the Church in Jerusalem and its first Bishop. James was not one of the 12 but was by all accounts one of those who the risen Jesus appeared to prior to his ascension. James embraced the message that Jesus teaching was for all, Jew or Gentile. James received Paul into the fold after his conversion despite Pauls previous hostility to the followers of “The Way”. It is thought that James was put to death by stoning in about the year 62.

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