Cross against a blue sky

        Sunday 4th October 2020

        Let us Praise You, O Lord.

        Let us Worship You, O Lord.

        Let all people Praise You, O Lord.

        For You are a Loving

        And Merciful God.

        For You are a Mighty

        And Compassionate God.

        You give many blessings

        to your children here on earth.

        You give strength to the poor

        and weak; and you lift

        the humble and those who stumble,

        high up off the floor.

        You feed the hungry with good things,

        while you send the rich, empty away.

        We ask for Peace and Healing

        in this world, wherever we are

        and wherever it is needed.

        Thanks be to God.


Today is recognised as a celebration of the life and works of St Francis of Assisi. Born in the 12th century in Italy, Francis had a misspent youth and ended up in prison having been captured during a local war. This proved to be a salutary lesson to the young Francis and he returned home a changed man. He took on the care of the poor and lepers and looked after local churches and shrines. Francis began to pray and whilst doing so heard the word of God saying to him “Go and repair my church which you see is in ruin.” Francis was inspired to bring others to join in this work and he eventually formed a gospel based order for them to follow. St Francis died on the evening of 3rd October 1226.

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