Tuesday 29th September 2020

        Dear Lord, in these times

        of many trials and tribulations,

        We are in your hands, Lord.

        With many millions of cases of

        Covid-19, in all parts of the world

        including the United Kingdom.

        May we have the strength of body

        and mind to persevere within the

        many laws restricting our ways

        and movements.

        Keep us safe from every kind of  

        wrong we may come across during

        our lives at home and outside.

        We all know that we are the

        children of the Lord and we are

        secure in the knowledge that

        Jesus Christ is with our every step

        in our faith journey.

        This is our prayer to You. Amen.

Today the Church celebrates the 3 angels named in the Bible, Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. Michael is described as the leader of the “armies of God” and is particularly mentioned in Revelation 12 vv7-9 in which Michael and his angels fight with the dragon (aka Satan) and between them throw Satan and his allies out of heaven. Michael is revered in the church for his protection of those in adversity.

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  1. Simon Vaughan-Spencer on September 29, 2020 at 8:42 pm

    Many thanks!

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