Wednesday 23rd September 2020

           Covid-19 has changed the outlook         

           of the world. That is one certainty.

           There are many who have become very

           vulnerable and are isolated physically

           from the outside world. They use

           the telephone to talk to others including

           their relations. They can use emails,

           take part in zoom meetings amongst

           other types of communication.

           It is never the same.

           The only other real certainty

           is that we can talk to

           Our Lord God in Prayer.

           Lord, we thank you for always

           being with us.

           For Your Unconditional  Love

           which you give us at all times.

           For Your Mighty Arms

           which surround us,

           comforting us and keeping us safe.

           For Your Healing Hands

           which take away all our pains.

           Thank You Lord.


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