Monday 21st September 2020

      Let us pray for

      Our nearest and dearest.

      They may be near,

      they may be far away.

      We send our Love to them,

      We send out our call to them.

      We may hear the ones who are

      nearby, while some send us

      a silent few words into our hearts.

      We hold each other up,

      we encourage their work, their play,

      their spare time and endeavours.

      They reflect our Love back to us.

      That is just like Our Lord Jesus

      Christ, but he does that for

      everyone alive. And he gathers

      us up just like a shepherd of sheep.

      We pray to you

      until the end of time.

      Thanks Be To God.   Amen.

Matthew the Tax Collector was one of the 12 Apostles and despite his being in league with the Romans and thus mistrusted by his countrymen was accepted by Jesus as one of his close followers. Jesus saw beyond the outward trappings of the collaborator into his heart and received him into his friendship. We presume that Matthew gave up being a tax gatherer to follow Jesus.

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