Sunday 20th Sepember 2020

      Loving God,

      Creator of Heaven and Earth,

      Open our hearts and minds so that

      we can be part of your Creation.

      We think especially of the poor

      and vulnerable of the world

      during these difficult times.

      Help us confront the consequences

      of the global pandemic.

      Let us embrace the changes required

      to seek the common good.

      Enable us Lord to listen to the needs

      of the earth and the cry of the poor.

      May their suffering give the impetus

      to a more fraternal and sustainable


      We pray to you through Jesus Christ,

      Our Lord.


Our “featured image” (the little picture at the top of the page) today was taken at Stone Lane Gardens in Devon on a fairly dull and misty day back in August. Stone Lane Gardens are set among the rolling Devon countryside near Chagford and are a noted arboretum featuring a great variety of specimen trees as well as sculptures by local and national artists.

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